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Mavam Vulcano a lava river will fill your cup


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Cellar Foobespain
Appellation of Origin Without Appellation of origin
Year 2017
Type of Wine Sparkling
Aging Young
Main Grape Macabeo
Bottle Cl. 75 Cl.
Graduation % 5,5%
Temperature Service 4º-6º

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Mavam Vulcano is made from wine (Macabeo and Muscat) with controlled fermentation.

Sparkling wine of copper color author with fine bubble and brilliant, its metallic effects flood the glass like a river of lava.

In nose very fruity, aromas of fresh fruits with touches to peach.

In the mouth, fresh and pleasant, with good structure, with fruity and velvety flavors.

Low alcohol content: 5.5%

Pairing: Very suitable as an aperitif or to accompany all kinds of desserts, cakes, sweets, etc ...

Mavam Vulcano catch the fire in a bottle is possible Mavam Vulcano is a sparkling wine that some already know by its effects Effects that provokes to the hour

To shake the bottle a river of lava that simulates by its interior and this is not magic is simply some golden particles that have colocadores interior along with the Vino Mavam.

Mavam has tried to surprise us when it comes to creating a sparkling wine and to innovate in a market the market of wine that has less and less innovations given that it has entered into a kind of "time capsule" where it seems that the traditional always maintains A rather fixed posture.

But thanks to some companies that are not afraid to create new products we can have in our hands a product that is certainly new at the same time attractive without forgetting that it is a sparkling wine with its own character and flavor that give it a personality The Mavam vulcano loaded with quality and good taste.

At the time of buying Mavam vulcano we can choose to do it by bottle of paks or fits gifts if we intend to give it to someone, but the most important thing is to take into account that we are offering something totally original and yes we want to try something different to Mavam Vulcan, we can simply approach its other Mavam varieties by finding different types of bottles, other colors, and, in short, other effects.

El Mavam wine has several types like: Mavam Glaricar, Mavam fortune, Mavam Magic ... Among others That is why we want to reflect today the taste of originality it seems that the wine market has created a kind of trend that only the most recognized for their previous park or international recognition are the wines that best sell.

But we want to claim a space for those wines whose guarantee seal is in addition to the product the originality of this, being Mavam a clear sign that it is possible to do different things, innovate in a fairly crowded market and alavés maintain a product that speaks for If only. In many times we hear in the wine and wine producing media, complain about the little sale of wine in Spain, it must be said that perhaps we have not reached the market younger because we are often reluctant to try new products.

That is why we determine the network we want to bet on Mavam Vulcano. Try it, tell us what you think and most enjoy it!


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