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Cellar Castell D'Encús
Appellation of Origin Costers del Segre
Year 2014
Type of Wine Red
Aging Young
Main Grape Sauvignon Blanco
Bottle Cl. 75 Cl.
Graduation % 13%
Temperature Service 6º-8º
P. Parker 92

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The origins of the Castell D'Encús winery were due to the search of land that did not affect the climatic changes of the Catalan Pyrenees by Ferrer Bobet in 2001.

The Castell D'Encús winery produces high quality wines on the 23 hectare farm where there are vineyards of the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanco, Riesling, Samillon and Albariño.

The farm located at about 1000 meters high, with calcareous soils that with the continental climate and the little content of organic material produces wines of high quality.

It was harvested manually in boxes of 10 kilos and fermented in wooden vats and stainless steel in silos of natural stone, thus obtaining wines with complex aromas.

The farm has many stone mills of medieval origin where the wine is fermented both white and red.

The winemaker Raúl Bobet with a great experience, makes wines of great freshness and personality.

The constant research and the pursuit of perfection are the constant of this oenologist and of the winery.

The Taleia wine in sight is pale yellow, clean and alive, with clean and bright tear.

In the nose, complex and aromatic, aromas of white fruits, like the apricot, touches spicy and avainillados and memories herbaceous to understory.

In the mouth, broad and greasy, light understory flavor and floral, remarkable acidity and with a long and acid finish. It is a wine that if preserved well you will get an optimal aging.


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